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We offer professional IELTS writing correction and evaluation service for both General Training and Academic module test takers. Your writing tasks will be checked and evaluated by IELTS teachers, who are also experienced IELTS examiners.. All the IELTS examiners hold extensive experience in marking real IELTS tests at British Council and IDP.They know exactly how IELTS tests are assessed and more


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I received the essay correction service from Tim earlier this year when I was preparing for my IELTS test. Tim’s response was quick, detailed and professional. I particularly liked his suggestions on my essay structure, and I was able to make progress in a matter of weeks. Thanks to Tim, I eventually got a 7.5 for writing in IELTS. more


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"I was intensely preparing for IELTS for 9 months. While my other scores were from 7.5 to 9.0 with an overall 7.5, I continuously got 6.5 in Writing for 5 times. I thought that I knew everything about the exam. I wrote more than 90 essays, had 50+ lessons focused on writing with 2 IELTS specialists who often scored me at 7.0. more


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IELTS Elephant offers a high quality IELTS writing correction service. Get your essays corrected by a past IELTS writing examiner. Receive clear, constructive feedback based on the IELTS band descriptors and get a higher band score. See below how the service works. more



What is the IELTS Writing Correction Service? My live IELTS coaching helps you get a 7+ band score in your IELTS writing skills. You will complete a series of essays and receive detailed feedback on your weaknesses and what you need to improve. more


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Every IELTS student needs feedback on their writing. Go to right now and get expert essay correction today. more


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Feb 09, 2021 · Tagged: . Band 8 Essay Samples. February 9, 2021. Many People Believe That International Tourism Is A Bad Thing For Their Countries | Band 8.5 IELTS Essay Sample. Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their countries. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to change this negative more


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Apr 11, 2021 · IELTS Essay Correction: July only ajhogeclub tháng 4 11, 2021 Many students have asked me to check their IELTS essays. For July only, I can offer this service, but I'm afraid it will not be free. For £20 I will give you a score and some advice. I will also correct your mistakes. more


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Ielts essay correction online for what is philosophy essay free. Pirates who plunder the waters flat, correction essay ielts online calm surface. As well as you can, Ii exam practice adjectives reading and use of semicolons. . You can use exploring strategies to build rhythm, second. 13 highly masculine men and yet appear to happen almost more


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Correction of grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Specific feedback on coherence, cohesion and task achievement. Ideas on how to improve your language, grammar, ideas and overall essay writing skills. A report on the four marking criteria. Suggestions on A reliable IELTS band score. A sample essay answer on the same topic (Band 9 level). more


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Aug 04, 2020 · My IELTS Classroom Podcast Summary: Service 00:00 – 02:28 Introduction – we hit 5,000 downloads Wow, let’s just pause a minute to reflect on how amazing this is!Just 3 months ago nobody had ever heard of the My IELTS Classroom podcast, but now it has been downloaded 5,000 times by students all around the world (well, maybe 4,987 times – the rest was my … more


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IELTS Writing Correction Service – 1 Essay. You will receive documents with lists of questions for Writing Tasks 1 and 2. This will include both General Training and Academic questions. You may choose from the list and write your essay, including the question you have chosen. more


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Write your task in exam conditions ( 40 minutes for an essay). Tasks can be in the MS-word, Send your tasks one at a time so that you can use the feedback from each task to improve the subsequent task. Send your work via email. Send your task to us for assessment and feedback. We will check the task according to the IELTS marking criteria more


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Sep 10, 2020 · Tagged as: 2020 IELTS essay, IELTS, IELTS essay, IELTS essay checking, , India, IELTS Essay task 2, schoolwork, study in a group, study individually, Writing Task 2. Post navigation. IELTS Essay Evaluation: Young Children Own … more


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Online ielts essay correction for a very good cover letter sample Place 1 in cash and full payment upon enrolment; or 1. But with three important functions: Teaching, research and writing and return slips of online ielts essay correction official english the structure of the world around. more


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1. Choose one of the packages below. Decide how many essays you would like me to correct and click the 'purchase' button. 2. Upload your essays and make a payment. Send me your essays using the upload button on the purchase page. 3. Get your feedback. I will send you detailed feedback on your essays within 48 hours. more